Quick to deploy

By leveraging local access type to connect your business to our services, deployment time is significantly reduced compared with traditional private networks.

easy to use

You only need an internet connection to safely and securely access your network resources, using any device of your choice


Keep your data secure with high-level encryption, including AES-256 and SHA-256 to protect data integrity in transit

Managed VPN Services

Managed VPN is a simple and cost-effective network solution for multi-location businesses. It is a maintenance-free, all-in-on virtual private network delivered and managed from Zeggix’s cloud infrastructure.

Remote Access VPN

A remote Access VPN allows remote employees to securely access and use cloud applications, as well as data stored in headquarters. The employees can work safely from anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

Flexible and cost effective

As part of Managed VPN services, remote access VPN can be activated anytime on any device faster. It support huge number of remote access connections.

Seamless to corporate network

Any employees that work from remote location can connect to company’s LAN to access company resources and applications safely.

Connect from anywhere

If the employees work from remote locations, remote access VPN allows them to access resources and keep data safe while working across any wi-fi connection

Dashboard Monitoring

With simple dashboard monitoring, you can get status of your network health for each link remote site and send notification when problem arise

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